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Sports Concussion South Africa ® is a trademark registered by Dr Jon Patricios.

South African Sports Concussion Centres were first established by Dr. Jon Patricios in 2003 with the purpose of improving the medical management of concussion in the South African sports environment using a combination of repeated clinical assessments and scientifically validated computer brain function testing.

This individualised concussion management system was adapted from the International Conferences on Concussion and subsequent Consensus Statements. We incorporated many of the protocols we had been using in our experience with professional athletes in particular, high level rugby players.

Sports Concussion Centres introduced the concept of multidisciplinary assessment and management of concussed individuals via interaction between:

  • Sports Physicians – co-ordinating field side and clinical assessments
  • Neurosurgeons / Neurologists – assessment of complicated and hospital cases
  • Neuropsychologists – overseeing neuropsychological testing and follow-up of post concussion syndrome complications
  • Radiologists – CT and MRI scan interpretation
  • Exercise therapists – assist with return-to-sport programmes


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