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Recovery from sleep disturbance precedes that of depression and anxiety following mild traumatic brain injury: a 6-week follow-up study

Written by on January 19, 2015 in Return To Play

Authors: Hon-Ping Ma,1,2 Ju-Chi Ou,1 Chun-Ting Yeh,1,2 Dean Wu,3 Shin-Han Tsai,1,2,4 Wen-Ta Chiu,5 Chaur-Jong Hu3,6,7

The detailed course of mental disorders at the acute and subacute stages of mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI), especially with regard to recovery from sleep disturbances, has not been well characterised. The aim of this study was to determine the course of depression, anxiety and sleep disturbance, following an mTBI.

Compliance with return to play guidelines following concussion in US high school athletes, 2005–2008

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To determine whether US concussed high school athletes complied with recommended return-to-play guidelines during the 2005–2008 school years.

Ethically we can no longer sit on the fence?

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Overall, this article is well researched and written. However, as well as highlighting a number of important observations made in this article, we would like to emphasise the progress that has been made in developing a community-based return to play concussion programme in South Africa thus illustrating that a high level of care can be sourced for patients with concussion wishing to return safely to collision and contact sports.

Welcome to the future

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Authors: P. McCrory

Source: www.bjsportmed.com, Br J Sports Med 2001;35:379–382

An interesting study that should both reassure and inspire us was recently published in the journal Circulation (2001;104:1350–66). This study raises the issue of the role of sports and exercise medicine in the broader context of public health.

Computer based screening in concussion management: use versus abuse

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Authors: A B Shuttleworth-Edwards, M A Border

Source: Br J Sports Med2002;36:473–465

As reviewed by Schnirring, a number of user friendly, computer based systems for concussion management have been developed, including CogSport in Australia and Head-Minder and ImPACT in America. Important cautionary comments have been made about the appropriate use of such programmes (versus potential for their misuse), which from a neuropsychological perspective warrant further elaboration.

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