Second Impact Syndrome

What Definition Is Used to Describe Second Impact Syndrome in Sports? A Systematic and Critical Review

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Steven D. Stovitz, MD, MS, FACSM1; Jonathan D. Weseman2; Matthew C. Hooks2; Robert J. Schmidt2; Jonathan B. Koffel3; and Jon S. Patricios, MD, FACSM4,5

Concern about what has been termed, ‘‘second impact syndrome’’ (SIS) is a major factor determining return-to-play decisions after concussion. However, definitions of SIS vary. We used Scopus to conduct a systematic review and categorize the definitions used to describe SIS.

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Acta Neurochirurgica Supplementum

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Authors: Julian T. Hoff, Richard F. Keep, Guohua Xi and Ya Hua

Source: Brain Edema XIII 10.1007/3-211-30714-1_10

The most common head injury in sports is concussion, and repeated concussions occurring within a short period occasionally can be fatal. Acute subdural hematoma is the most common severe head injury and can be associated with severe neurologic disability and death in sports. We investigated severe brain damage resulting from repetitive head injury in sports, and evaluated the pathophysiology of sports-related repetitive injury..

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The eighth wonder of the world: the mythology of concussion management.

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Authors: P McCrory

Source: 1999;33;136-137 Br. J. Sports Med.

In sports medicine, doctors and others providing athletic care recognise and manage a spectrum of brain injury. Unlike severe brain injury, however, the management of concussion is mostly derived from anecdotal experience. In many cases current management practices have more in common with mythology than science..

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Second impact syndrome. Does second impact syndrome exist?

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Authors: McCrory PR, Berkovic SF.

Source: Neurology. 1998 Mar;50(3):677-83.; Clin J Sport Med. 2001 Jul;11(3):144-9.

Diffuse cerebral swelling with delayed catastrophic deterioration, a known complication of brain trauma, has been postulated to occur after repeated concussive brain injury in sports–the “second impact syndrome” (SIS).

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