School & Club Enrolment

Why Enrol?

By enrolling in this programme you will ensure that your child has the best chance of avoiding the potentially serious consequences of concussion. Contact and collision sport at school is often the source of much anxiety to parents. Due to peer, parental and coach pressures to return to sport as soon as possible, concussion has often been poorly managed at school level resulting in at least one recent schoolboy death.

The aim of the Sports Concussion Programme is to make the management of concussion safer by using internationally recognised clinical guidelines and computer brain function tests.

The programme is designed for hockey, soccer, cricket, rugby and other contact and collision sports. SA Rugby has used the programme for professional players for the last 10 years and advocates that all schoolboy rugby players should partake.

Costs (per year)

Teams: R450.00 per player. Includes educational support website link, clinical protocols for your medical staff and all sports physician consultations after a concussion; NeuroFlex® baseline and follow up screening is included free of charge.

Sign-up Today

Contact your school’s headmaster, director of sport or please complete our enrollment form and we will send you the relevant information.


For the year participants will:

  • Have a baseline computer brain function test before the season (performed at the school or in one of our laboratories).
  • Receive information on how to recognise and treat concussion, including fieldside information cards for your team.
  • Receive a free consultation by a sports doctor after any suspected concussion.
  • Receive as many brain function tests as necessary after any concussion.
  • Receive return-to-play guidelines after a concussion.
  • Have access to a network of brain specialists including neurologists and neuropsychologists.

NeuroFlex® Testing

The NeuroFlex® platform delivers (VOMS) assessments through immersive virtual reality goggles to easily provide objective measures of these important neurophysiological tests.

The NeuroFlex® platform utilises a simple ‘plug-and-play’ design (and fits in a backpack), with standardised test delivery, making delivery of VOMS testing easy. All these features greatly increase accessibility to this important testing, ensuring everyone can be tested.