Programme Disclaimer

In providing treatment to the patient (“the treatment”), the patient acknowledges that the Sports Concussion Programme (“the Programme”) and the Sports Concussion Centre (“the Centre”) endeavors at all times to provide accurate concussion management guidelines. In so doing, the Schools Sport Concussion Programme and the Sports Concussion Centre (“the Centre”) makes use of, inter alia, a computerised virtual reality test, known as NeuroFlex® (“the software”).

The Programme and the Centre hereby disclaims any and all liability, claims, awards, judgments, loss, damage, costs and/or expenses awarded to the patient and/or the patient’s family members in relation to or arising out of the services rendered by the Programme and the Centre in connection with the treatment or otherwise, including but not limited to its use of, reference to and/or reliance on the software, howsoever and whensoever arising (whether indirectly or indirectly caused and whether arising from negligence or from the treatment received from the Centre), or anything connected or related thereto.

Parents or guardians signing on behalf of a minor’s treatment hereby consent to such a minor being bound to the aforegoing and further indemnify the Centre to any extent.

We understand that participation in the Programme includes:

  • Educational support to school coaching and medical support (lectures, telephonic and e-mail communication)
  • Clinical support to school doctors and nurses
  • Follow-up clinical assessments after suspected concussion
  • Return-to-play guidelines
  • Concussion management advice for your associated school or club.
  • School website link to

NOT included are casualty consultations, neurologist, neurosurgeon or neuropsychologist referrals, CT or MRI scans.