Computerised Testing

CogState Sport® is a computerised concussion test and management system for use by professional, elite and amateur athletes utilised in 50 countries worldwide. CogState Sport is proven sensitive to mild cognitive changes (science summary), and helps guide medical decisions about return to activity and rehabilitation.

Much of the early research and development for CogState Sport occurred in one of the toughest sports in the world – Australian Football. CogState Sport is now used by many of the world’s elite contact sporting organisations.

The CogState Sport screen is offered free as part of the concussion programme.

Data collected is used to improve our understanding of normal & post-concussion brain responses in South African sportspersons of both genders.

Our panel of consulting neuropsychologists helps interpret tests and may further evaluate concussed athletes.

Many of the SCSA-aligned centres also use ImPACT ®, a well-researched, computerised testing platform for baseline and follow-up testing. More information at


Unique Features

Rapid and simple

8-10 minute administration of baseline and after-injury tests.

Simple report interpretation: All CogState Sport reports, baseline and after-injury are designed for easy result interpretation; combined with detailed data for medical decision making.

Optimised for concussion: CogState Sport tasks and symptom inventory questionnaire have been chosen for sensitivity to concussion – neuropsychological tests which are not sensitive to concussion have been removed, which keeps testing time short and interpretation simple.

After injury testing: After-injury testing is performed as part of a thorough protocol incorporating a thorough symptom analysis, neurological examination and exercise stress test. Additional risk factors that may influence a delayed recovery from concussion are also taken into account.

Baseline Testing

Using education modules, SCAT screening and computerised brain function testing. Performed from 8 years of age and repeated annually.

Download Sample Reports

Click here to download a baseline report example

Click here to download a post-concussion report example

For multi-team competitions this system allows a head physician to monitor testing conducted at individual clubs.

After Injury Testing

If an athlete becomes concussed you can perform follow-up tests on any computer (for example a laptop if the team is on tour). These are then submitted to CogState Sport for comparison with the baseline test, and a report is sent by email or can be viewed on the dedicated website.