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NeuroFlex® platform

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Vestibular-Ocular Motor Screening (VOMS) assessment is an important part of concussion assessments, epitomised by its inclusion in the SCOAT6. The VOMS assessment has existed for many years, but prior to the advent of immersive virtual reality technology, testing either occurred ‘manually’ (“follow my finger with your eyes”) to elicit symptoms, or needed to occur in specialised laboratories.

The NeuroFlex® platform delivers (VOMS) assessments through immersive virtual reality goggles to easily provide objective measures of these important neurophysiological tests.

The NeuroFlex® platform utilises a simple ‘plug-and-play’ design (and fits in a backpack), with standardised test delivery, making delivery of VOMS testing easy. All these features greatly increase accessibility to this important testing, ensuring everyone can be tested.

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NeuroFlex® tests

The NeuroFlex® platform delivers 8 tests designed to examine all facts of the vestibular, ocular, and even the cervicogenic (neck) inputs. These are;

  Oculomotor Vestibular Cervicogenic Duration
Smooth pursuit (head moving) X X X 30s
Vestibular-ocular reflex (horizontal) X X X 30s
Vestibular-ocular reflex (vertical) X X X 30s
Smooth pursuit (eyes only) X     30s
Pro-saccades X X   75s
Anti-saccades X X   75s
Optokinetic nystagmus X     40s
Spontaneous nystagmus X X   35s

With instructions, all tests take approximately 10 minutes to completes, however, if a shorter duration is wanted, specific tests can be selected or deselected. The data is analysed almost instantaneously, and is viewed online in the NeuroFlex webapp, allowing specialists access to the patient’s data no matter where they are (remote/telehealth access).

The NeuroFlex is the accumulation of the 30+ year biomedical research career of E/Prof Henrietta ‘Mimi’ Galiana from McGill University in Montreal, Canada. E/Prof Galiana dedicated her working life to improving the measurement of the vestibular and ocular system. NeuroFlex has been compared to functional magnetic resonance imaging at the Montreal Neurological Institute, and has been examined in a range of sports such as Rugby Union, Rugby League, Australian Rules Football (AFL), and Association Football (soccer), Cycling, and Motorsport. This has led to sporting organisations, such as FIFA (Independent Concussion Assessment and Rehabilitation Service), and sporting teams, such as the Ineos Grenadiers Cycling, implementing NeuroFlex as part of their concussion protocols. Furthermore, a growing number of clinicians globally have implemented NeuroFlex as part of their concussion management and return to play/learn/work protocols.

NeuroFlex® In Practice – Case Study

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