Programme Overview

Prof Jon Patricios is a member of the international Concussion in Sport Group responsible for updating the latest concussion guidelines in Berlin, 2016. He is also a Deputy Editor of the British Journal of Sports Medicine (BJSM).

Dr Stanley Herring

Dr Stanley Herring

Sports Concussion South Africa has recently established a consulting relationship with The University of Washington Sports Health and Safety Institute.

International concussion expert Dr Stanley Herring will be working closely with Prof Patricios on key concussion and other injury protocols providing an expert objective international perspective. Dr Herring’s impressive credentials include:

  • Director, UW Medicine Sports Health and Safety Institute
  • Medical Director, UW Medicine Sports Spine & Orthopedic Health
  • Co-Medical Director, UW Medicine Sports Concussion Program
  • Zackery Lystedt Sports Concussion Endowed Professorship, University of Washington

The latest in international concussion management protocols and technology is available to South African schoolchildren and amateur athletes via The South African Sports Concussion® Programme.

The South African Sports Concussion® Programme is comprehensive, integrating clinical assessment of the injured player and computer software for neuropsychological (brain function) testing.

Head and neck injuries are a part of contact and collision sport. Having suffered from both, I have full confidence in the programme that my team doctor and his colleagues have devised for the South African Sports Concussion® ProgrammeSchalk Burger.

The protocols used have been devised by clinicians with many years’ sports medicine experience and the technology incorporated is utilised by professional and amateur sports teams in South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, England, Scotland, Ireland, Europe and the USA.

This concussion programme is a South African Rugby Union (SARU) endorsed initiative that has been initiated by South African sports physicians with several years experience in provincial and international rugby. The principles involved have been successfully applied to concussion programmes at these levels in rugby for the past decade and in sports concussion centres in Cape Town and Johannesburg, to a broad spectrum of sportspersons suffering concussion.

Programme Highlights2023 Additional Services

For the year participants will:

  • Have a baseline computer brain function test before the season (performed at the school).
  • Receive information on how to recognise and treat concussion, including a fieldside information card for your team.
  • Receive a consultation by a sports physician after any suspected concussion.
  • Receive as many brain function tests as necessary after any concussion.
  • Receive return-to-play guidelines after a concussion.
  • Have access to a network of brain specialists including neurologists and neuropsychologists.

Significant services for 2023:

  • Protocols will be available countrywide through the SA Rugby BokSmart Programme
  • An improved fieldside assessment card based on the latest international concussion trends.
  • A modified standard Sports Concussion Assessment Tool to be used countrywide.
  • Access to Boksmart’s 24-hour advice line Spineline 0800 678678.
  • Access to medical services and fieldside equipment for your school and club at reduced cost through ER24.
  • Expert physiotherapy-guided treatments and rehabilitation focusing on headache, neck pain, dizziness and balance restoration.